Behind the Scene

Fiction and Reality

Organized by Executive Producer--and actor in the film--Chico Brown (picture below) we gave the opportunity to former Los Angeles gang members--Crips and Bloods--to work on the film as set builders and actors. Several of these men had served time in prison, some for a long sentences related to drug trafficking, for which they received unjust sentences. After leaving prison, it is nearly impossible for these men to get jobs as they must indicate a felony on any job application.

Chico Brown has been involved for the last 15 years in programs designed to give a second chance to former gang members and to prove they can work together -- which was definitely the case on the set. We are very proud to have welcome on the set a dozen former Crips and Bloods members.


In Blue Cloud Studio Santa Clarita

In Blue Coast Studio Burbank

In Off Hollywood and Cinema Libre Studio Burbank